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Empress Elisabeth
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Kaiser of Germany

Kaiser William II of Germany It was the King of Greece, George I, that proposed the idea of buying the palace of Achilleion to the Kaiser (Emperor) of Germany, William II. The Kaiser bought the Achilleion in the year 1907 after 2 years of negotiations.

The Kaiser being the master of the palace, began making changes to the palace, such as the moving the statue of the 'Dying Achilles'. In its place he erected the huge statue of the 'Victorious Achilles' which was more suited to his personality. He also removed the statue of the Gennan poet -Heine which Elisabeth had liked and had placed in the forest below the palace, and to house his personal guard the Kaiser built a large building next to the palace. One of the things that the Kaiser took care of first was the restoration of the beautiful gardens of the palace, which had not been seen to in over 9 years. For this reason, he brought famous agriculturalists, gardeners, and also rare trees and plants. These trees and plants that still live in the gardens in our times.

The Emperor was active contributor to the archeological digs of Saint Theodore, in Garitsa. There, with the help of the well-known German archaeologist William Doerpfeld they discovered the findings that are housed in the Museum of Corfu, with their most important founding, the Mermaid. The last thing that the Kaiser had constructed was the look-out tower at Peleka where one can see a large part of the island. He would have done a lot more, however his trip to Corfu at 1914 was destined to become his last.

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