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Empress Elisabeth
Kaiser of Germany
During the great wars

During the great wars

Achilleion PalaceCorfu was occupied on the December of 1915 from the French and the Serbian armies, during the First World War. During this occupation the French and the Serbian armies turned the Achilleion palace into a military headquarters and hospital. The fact that the Germans were the enemy was to the greatest extend at fault for the many disasters that befell the palace onto the parts of the palace that were of Kaisers making. To this day it remains a unknown how many statues and other precious items were lost at that period.

After the end of the war, following the' Treaty of Versailles' in 1919, the palace became the property of the Greek state. In peacetime, many items of furniture were sold off by auction, scattering the pieces far and wide, sadly lost to Achilleion forever. During World War II, Achilleion was again occupied by foreign troops - this time the Germans and Italians as a military headquarters and hospital and was again abused. After the liberation of the island after the war, parts of the palace were utilized as a technical institution in the training of young men and women in trades, but unfortunately, as the years went by the once stunning palace slowly became a ruin due to the lack of funds for the reconstruction repairs that it badly needed.

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